Providing ethical, independent, high-quality, innovative and practical solutions for over 20 years

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FSA Consulting was formed in 1995 and has established itself as the industry leader for agricultural environmental management and engineering both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to provide ethical, independent, high-quality, innovative and practical solutions that enable our clients to improve their profitability of their business through more efficient and sustainable practices.


We provide expert advice in 

• Environmental and social sustainability
• Government approvals and associated conditions
• Assessment of compliance against government approvals and regulations
• Collection, review and assessment of monitoring data
• Identification of relevant water licences and their associated volumes and restrictions
• Identification of any siting constraints (e.g. separation distances, vegetation, environmentally sensitive areas, bushfire, mining leases, etc.)
• Identification and assessment of short- and long-term environmental risks and hazards
• Assessment of current and future technical and environmental viability of new developments



We undertake world-leading research in  

• Odour measurement
• Nutrient estimation
• Effluent and manure reuse
• Greenhouse gas assessment
• Agricultural lifecycle assessment



We assess, design and/or provide environmental management plans for

• Cattle feedlots, piggeries and poultry farms
• Irrigation and agricultural water management schemes
• Food processing facilities (e.g. abattoirs)